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San Sebastian

São Sebastião is one of the oldest cities in Brazil, and its historic center contains several old buildings from the colonial period, some of which have been restored and are in excellent condition. Rua da Praia is where you can find several traditional restaurants in the city, as well as bars and cafes. The ferry to Ilhabela is 300m away, as are banks, supermarkets, pharmacies and shops.  

Some other historical areas can be visited, such as Bairro São Francisco, a traditional fishing district 6km from the center, where the Caiçara Museum and the Archaeological Site can be found.


For a more eventful program, we recommend the beaches in the south: Maresias, Boicucanga and Camburi, or Ilhabela.  


Photos: Agis Variani

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We are 3km from the historic center of São Sebastião.

The nearest beach is Prainha Preta, which is 400m from the studio. Six hundred meters ahead, is Praia Grande (1km, you can walk). Heading south, comes Barequeçaba (3km), Guaecá (6km), Toque-Toque Grande (12km), Toque-Toque Pequeno (15km), Santiago, Paúba and Maresias (22km).

The ferry to Ilhabela is 3km away, heading north.

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