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We are ECO-friendly

We appreciate your choice for our space and hope you feel at home and enjoy your time with us.

In addition to the wonderful view, contact with nature is constant here: You can relax in the lounge and at the same time observe the different birds that frequent our forest. Toucans and parrots come from Ilhabela to “snack” here.

As we are directly in the Atlantic Forest, some other native animals such as the Saruê (or possum) may pay you a visit, especially if you leave garbage or food outside. Don't be scared, despite his appearance, he doesn't do any harm and will be scared of you more than you are of him. Please don't mistreat him! Geckos and small lizards are our friends because they eat mosquitoes and mosquitoes. Larger lizards, called Teiús, appear in the summer when it is warmer, as they are cold-blooded animals. They don't see well, but they will sense your presence very easily and will run away when they notice you.

Sustainability, environment and well being

We believe in the preservation of nature and we do our best to take care of our space with respect to it and also to the well-being of our guests.  

Our studio is built with enough space for a wheelchair and also grab bars in the bathroom and shower. This is the reason why the bathroom has no  door but a fabric divider.  

We use cleaning products that don't harm nature, the health of the people who clean the space and our guests'. As far as possible, we avoid using chemicals that are harmful to health. But that doesn't mean that cleanliness isn't up to the highest required standards.  

As we are surrounded by the Atlantic Forest, it is normal for insects and small wild animals to visit. The summer season, as it is hotter, is more prone to the appearance of insects. We will not use poisons and pesticides to  keep them away as this could also affect guests and their pets.  

We offer anti-insect tablets and spray if the guest finds it necessary to use them.  

Our septic tank is aseptic and treated with biological elements, which degrade organic waste, returning treated water to the environment without the use of chemicals harmful to the soil, water and surrounding area.  

We separate garbage into organic and recyclable. 

To contribute to the reduction of plastic bottles and also to the economy of our guests, we use activated carbon filter in the kitchen faucet.  

Sheets and Towels are washed with  hypoallergenic, fragrance free soap.

The water in the tub is treated with chlorine at each accommodation, which prevents the reproduction of insects and is totally safe for use. This is the only strong chemical used in space. The water from the hot tub change is reused for cleaning external areas of the property, avoiding waste. 

Planta verde

Photos: Agis Variani

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